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Solana's Web3 Saga Phone Sells for $5K Amid BONK Craze

Solana's Web3 Saga phone comes with 30 million BONK, which has soared 675% this month

Image: Blockhead

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The Solana Saga phone is back. Initially priced at $1,000 and bought by no one, only to have its price slashed to $599 due to weak sales, the Saga is now being sold for 5x the price of an iPhone.

Loyal Blockhead readers will be well informed about Solana-backed meme coin BONK and its recent astronomical surge. Now more than 675% over the month, BONK is one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies in December, putting the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Solana itself to shame.

BONK's remarkable growth was fuelled by its official listing on Coinbase last week. Additionally, unlike traditional memecoins, which offer no core fundamentals, BONK developers are building a full-fledged community coin to be used across all the dApps built on Solana. Each user has the opportunity to be part of its ecosystem.

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The Solana Saga phone, which comes with a 30 million Bonk (BONK) token airdrop, is now selling for as high as $5,000 on eBay after being sold out for the first time on Solana's website.

Some 20 devices sold for over $2,000 over the weekend as traders are expecting the memecoin to extend its parabolic rise, as well as betting on future Solana project airdrops such as DeFi protocol Solend, Samoyed coin and decentralized storage provider GenesysGo, among others.

When Blockhead reviewed the Solana Saga phone, we weren't impressed. We still aren't. At $599, the Saga phone was already overpriced, let alone its original $1,000 price tag and its scalper value of $5,000. But, never underestimate the hunger and tenacity of a degen.

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