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About Us

We’re Blockhead — not just a term for those a step behind, but a dazzling haven for the web3-curious and blockchain-bitten. Powered by a blend of digital passion and old-fashioned journalistic gumption, we're the web3-news vanguards broadcasting from the bustling epicenter of Southeast Asia.

Ever been caught in the head-spin of blockchain's spiraling tales? We've got you, and will be your trusted guide through decentralized world, promising a tomorrow less centralized and more... well, web3. We spotlight the industry's ebb and flow, reminiscing about iconic past ICOs while making sense of today's dynamic token terrain. Regulation in crypto? A challenging dance, for sure. But we're here to analyze the steps, turns, and occasional missteps.

Asia's vibrant palette isn't just our backdrop—it's our driving force. We're here to spotlight its hustle, innovation, and occasional heartbreaks in the world of blockchain. Our promise? Coverage that's both Asia-led and globally nuanced, meticulously curating the interplay of technology, culture, and business, in web3's grand tapestry. Whether you're a crypto veteran or a newcomer intrigued by the digital horizon, Blockhead ensures you're never out of the loop.

Dive in, explore, question, and marvel—just like the decentralized web, there are no gatekeepers here.


Complementing our news feed, we publish two newsletters:

  • Blockhead Daily Digest for daily updates, insights and analysis on the most comprehensive news in Asia's Web3 landscape.
  • Blockhead Business Bulletin for weekly macroeconomic analysis and views, alongside the most important business developments in the industry.

Find out more about our contributors here.


Pondering over NFTs' existential crises? Perplexed by the dance of institutions in the crypto ballroom? Fear not. Blockcast, in its weekly rendezvous, will distill the heady mix of crypto-chaos into delightful sips of TLDR. Straight from Southeast Asia's dynamic digital hub, we dive deep into the blockchain and web3 tapestry, unwinding its knots and narrating its tales, one episode at a time.

The show gives a nod to Blockhead's own explorations, but with an audial twist—think of it as your weekly deep dive into the world's decentralized wonders and your weekly lowdown on the interplay between crypto and the corridors of power. Expect thought leaders, industry mavericks, and the rare, unexpected voice that shakes up your understanding of the crypto-verse.

Come for the weekly TLDRs, stay for the enlightening ICYMI moments, and immerse yourself in the in-depth discussions of the industry. Whether you're deep in the crypto game, or just taking your first curious peek, we've got you. Just remember, always take it with a pinch of satoshi... or salt. Dive in!

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