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The Hidden Gem of Airdrops: Why Solana Could Be Your Next Big Win

Everyone loves free money, who doesn't? And airdrops are free money. Here, we look at protocols on Solana that don't yet have a token.

Photo by Shubham's Web3 / Unsplash

In the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, participating in airdrops has become a fascinating way for users to receive tokens and rewards from innovative projects. These tokens are often distributed for free or as a thank-you gesture to community members, early adopters, or users who engage with the platform in specific ways.

While there are never any guarantees in the volatile and rapidly evolving crypto space, exploring airdrop opportunities within the Solana ecosystem can be an exciting venture with the potential for substantial rewards.

The Solana airdrop season began with Jupiter Exchange's announcement at Solana Breakpoint, offering an allocation of 40% of their upcoming $JUP tokens to their community through an airdrop.

Next came Pyth Network's $PYTH tokens airdrop, which extended its reach to over 200 decentralized applications (dApps) across 27 blockchains that utilize Pyth data. As the premier price feed oracle within the Solana ecosystem, if you had use any Solana dApps before the snapshot date, you are likely to get rewarded.

So what's next?

Here are five protocols on Solana that don't yet have a token, and tips on how you can get in on the action.

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