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BONK Soars 664% as Memecoin Season Blooms

$BONK, $SNEK, $PEPE, $FLOKI, $DOGE, $SHIBA memecoins are making Degens very, very rich

Image credit: Blockhead

Never underestimate the power of Degens. As crypto is making a resurgence on the back of institutional money flooding in, memecoins have clung onto the coattails of their blue-chip counterparts to join their parabolic rise.

Whilst institutional money is likely going nowhere near memecoins, Degens are tenaciously banding together to pump their beloved penny-stock-esque assets.

BONK (664%)

Solana-based dog-themed memecoin, BONK, is now the third-largest memcoin by marketcap. Soaring more than 660% over the last month, BONK has grown from $0.000002432 to $0.000015.

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