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Solana's Web3 Saga Smartphone is So-So-Lah

Solana's Saga phone is yet another reason why the Web3 world isn't taken seriously

Image: Blockhead

Solana's Web3 smartphone, Saga, has been out for just under two months. Blockhead has been playing around with the "next-gen" device and suffice it to say, we ain't impressed.

First things first, let's get this out of the way – I'm a long-term loyal iPhone user and slave to the Apple ecosystem. That said, I'm not averse to Android smartphones and have owned the odd Samsung and even Xiaomi over the years. Whilst I'll admit I'm swayed more to the iOS persuasion, I hold no gripes against the Android OS. Instead, what I took issue with over the past few weeks was the (lack of) value Solana brings to Android.

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