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Talking Heads: Web3 Needs to Build Fun Games, Not Rebrand ft. Pixelmon CEO Guliano Xiloyannis

Giulio Xiloyannis tells us why he thinks Web3 gaming isn't working out and what these companies should do in order to drive mass retail adoption.

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Giulio Xiloyannis was the co-founder of the leading Southeast Asia e-commerce fashion retailer Zalora. In 2021, he stepped down from his role and went on to focus on his entree into Web3 as co-founder of LiquidX and CEO of Pixelmon.

Since the rise of NFTs and Game-Fi, many companies have invested in making their own projects but most have inevitably failed to keep up against the resistance from traditional gamers.


  • 02:11 Web3's exclusivity and its risks
  • 02:51 - Resistance of traditional gamers towards Web3 games
  • 04:19 - The value of Web3's techonology

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