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We Went to Yat Siu's Suite, This is What He Told Us

We hung out with Animoca Brands founder Yat Siu at his suite in Bali. Here's the tea.

Image: Blockhead

It's another sweltering morning in Bali. But as the rest of Coinfest prepares for another full day under the sultry sun, the Blockhead boys are making their way to the incredibly swanky InterContinental Resort. Armed with a camera, notes and Yat Siu's suite number, we knew we were guaranteed content gold and equally as importantly, air-conditioning.

Apprehensively knocking on the suite door, our nerves were quickly settled after being warmly greeted by the man himself. With no pestering agent or intimidating security guards by his side, we were immediately struck by the Animoca Brands co-founder's humility and cordiality, which continued throughout our entire exchange.

Like any good-natured host, Siu welcomed us into his suite and offered us drinks, making us feel like we were hanging out with one of the guys. He even took one of our T-shirts. Our videographer got a bit too comfortable and took his shoes off too.

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