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Talking Heads: Taking Over the “Ugly” NFT Project ‘Pixelmon’ ft. New CEO Giulio Xiloyannis

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Remember Kevin? Pixelmon was once deemed as one of the most controversial NFT projects ever due to its unexpectedly ugly art reveal. In a seemingly crazy move, Liquidx Studio Co-founder Giulio Xiloyannis has leaped from Web2 to Web3, to take over the contentious project.

Find out what led him to make such a decision to invest in the gaming project and what it was like working with Martin aka Syber during its transition.


Blast Mainnet Launches, Boosting Ethereum L2

Blast Mainnet Launches, Boosting Ethereum L2

Now the seventh-largest blockchain and the second-largest Ethereum Layer 2 by total value deposited, Blast demonstrates the growing interest and demand for scalable and efficient solutions within the Ethereum ecosystem.