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Talking Heads: Regulation is Good for Crypto ft. Circle's Yam Ki Chan

Blockhead sits down with Circle VP for strategy and policy, APAC, Yam Ki Chan, to discuss outlook, the SEC, CBDCs, APAC and crypto prices

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Like any new tech, the use and experience of the underlying technology for digital assets will eventually become a part of our daily life. The internet, for example, is one such example, and blockchain could be the next, says the vice president for strategy and policy for APAC at Circle.

That and more in a free-wheeling conversation with Yam Ki Chan, who speaks for the global financial technology firm on a mission to promote economic growth, reduce poverty, and improve financial stability by transforming how money moves.


00:05 - Outlook on digital assets due to scrutiny of the industry, and the way forward
01:48 - Is cryptocurrency a security and is SEC going after particular companies
03:54 - What's the next stage for the digital assets industry
04:56 - How are you seeing broader adoption and usage of CBDCs in general
06:56 - Asia's role in the global crypto market
09:45 - India and China's stand on crypto
11:46 - Prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum
12:57 - Where are we in terms of blockchain adoption?
16:36 - Will Hong Kong or Singapore lead the way in the space?


Hong Kong Cracks Down on Worldcoin's Data Collection Practices

Hong Kong Cracks Down on Worldcoin's Data Collection Practices

Authorities found that Worldcoin failed to adequately inform users about the collection of their personal data and did not obtain their informed consent. Worldcoin also retained user data for extended periods beyond what was necessary and did not provide a Chinese translation of its privacy policy.