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Square Enix “Doubles Down” on Blockchain Integration Despite NFT Backlash

Image: Square Enix

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Whilst GameFi is strongly pushing the use of NFTs in gaming, traditional gamers have held a rather cold stance against implementing blockchain tech into mainstream titles.

Earlier this month, Ubisoft caved into pressure from the gaming community by stating it would no longer make updates or NFTs for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Gamers were particularly unhappy that over 600 hours of Ghost Recon Breakpoint must be played to earn the “Wolf Enhanced Helmet A,” an NFT item.

Square Enix has taken the opposite approach and is “doubling down on its business plan of including blockchain elements in its games in the not-so-distant future,” according to

The Japanese developer first found itself in hot water in January after President Yosuke Matsuda teased the potential introduction of NFTs. Nonetheless, Square Enix went ahead and partnered with Sandbox to revive its Dungeon Siege series into the metaverse.

Matsuda has since reiterated that Square Enix is valuing user-generated content and aims to reward creators with game currency.

“By utilizing technologies such as blockchain instead of relying on good intentions, if incentives are given to those who have contributed to the development, there is a possibility that content with innovative fun will be born from the user’s ideas,” he said in an interview published in Japanese.

The company also hopes to see more game creation from developers other than mainstream ones.

Twitter users have since expressed their disapproval of Square Enix’s message. “This guy is the reason enix is doing horrible right now from the Unnecessary Ethic Department which is just to bring in people to censor Japanese developers to supporting NFT’s,” wrote one Twitter user who shared an image of Matsuda.

“That being said, Final Fantasy will be dead within the decade if it goes the route of NFT’s and play to earn mechanics. Don’t do it Square Enix. Please,” tweeted another.