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OKX Invests in CARV's $10M Series A to Build Largest Modular Data Layer for Gaming, AI

CARV's $10 million series A round is backed by Consensys, OKX Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, No Limit Holdings, Draper Dragon, Arweave, LiquidX, and MARBLEX

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CARV has raised $10 million in its Series A as it builds the largest modular data for gaming and AI.

The series was led by Tribe Capital and IOSG Ventures with participation from investors including:

The likes of HashKey Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, and Temasek Holding’s subsidiary, Vertex Ventures were already on the cap table.

CARV focuses on gaming and AI development while providing high-quality data with human feedback. CARV Protocol is a modular cross-chain data layer that handles authentication, storage, processing, and monetization utilizing the CARV ID system, which integrates over 1 million users' identities.

CARV Link oracle services authenticate on-chain data stored on CARV's decentralized storage.

CARV Play is a cross-platform credentialing system and gaming distribution platform with over 500,000 daily active wallets. With a focus on enhancing gaming, CARV Play serves 2.5 million gamers, facilitating game sharing, credential development, gameplay, and reward acquisition. 30% of current web3 games are accessible through CARV Play.

CARV's AI Agent, CARA, is a personalized gaming assistant that integrates with Web3 wallets, TON-based games, and social networks. By analyzing player game history and platform interactions, CARA can suggest games, activities, projects, and airdrops that align with each player's unique preferences.

“The backing from these top investors underscores their confidence in our mission to reshape data ownership and value distribution,” said Victor Yu, CARV co-founder.

“For too long, users’ data has fueled economic growth without them sharing the value created. The AI boom has increased demand for high-quality data for model training, but brands face challenges targeting users and ethically sourcing data amid tightening regulations. CARV empowers users to own, contribute, and monetize their data, capturing opportunities from the adtech reshuffling and AI revolution by putting them back in control.”

OKX Partner, Jeff Ren, praised CARV for its "revolutionary approach in reshaping the way" decentralised data is managed.

“CARV’s modular cross-chain protocol and ID aggregation solutions cultivate data self-sovereignty and integrity, all while emphasizing security and efficiency," Ren said.

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