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Here’s Why Ubisoft’s NFT U-Turn isn’t Deterring this Singapore-Based AAA Developer from GameFi

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Red Door Digital is confident that NFTs can still play a role in gaming despite Ubisoft’s sudden U-turn on digital assets.

Ubisoft had faced heavy criticism from the gaming community after announcing it would integrate NFTs into its game Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Ubisoft’s video announcing its NFT project received a 96% dislike rate, with comments criticising the publisher for “milking” its games.

Gamers were particularly unhappy that over 600 hours of Ghost Recon Breakpoint must be played to earn the “Wolf Enhanced Helmet A”, an NFT item. Nonetheless, Ubisoft pursued with its NFT venture.

On Tuesday, it was reported that Ubisoft will no longer make updates or NFTs for Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Its March launch of its NFT-based Digit item for Breakpoint was the final update but the servers will still remain live for Breakpoint and Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Ubisoft citied an environment of learning for their sudden U-turn: At Ubisoft, we continuously learn by trying new things and encourage this attitude in our teams,” the company said.“Being first to take advantage of emerging trends and technology is more than core to Ubisoft’s strategy, it is part of our DNA”, it added.

Not Deterred

In response to Ubisoft’s move, Red Door Digital exclusively told Blockhead that NFTs can “still serve a purpose in gaming, depending on its utility.“

“There are different ways to implement NFTs for each individual game that makes sense to its community and design, as the technology behind this is about individual ownership of these assets. Different communities will react differently based on how the NFT itself manifests in that game”, Joseph Derflinger CEO Red Door Digital, told Blockhead.

Red Door was co-founded by developers who proudly call themselves gamers. Red Door CTO See Wan Toong has been in the gaming industry for almost 20 years, garnering experience working with gaming titans such as EA and Epic. Derflinger has over 10 years of experience in the industry too, working with companies in America, China and Japan.

The Taiwan/Singapore-based company, which hopes to lead AAA gaming in the game-fi space, said it will ensure that NFTs are “part of a game’s core design so that players can see how it benefits them on a regular basis”.