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PUBG Developer Slammed For NFT Metaverse Game Coming This Year

PUBG developer Krafton will launch Migaloo later this year but fans are far from enthused

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PUBG: Battlegrounds developer Krafton is powering on with its metaverse game, which hasn't gone down well with its community.

Tentatively called Migaloo, the web3 game platform is currently in the works and is set to launch later this year.

According to a press release, Krafton and South Korean AR firm Naver Z formed a VC to invest $36.8 million into Migaloo with the former owning an 85% stake and the latter, 15%.

Migaloo will feature a "create-to-earn" function through which gamers can buy and sell in-game assets as NFTs.

Little else has been revealed about the game other than it "promises to be a new metaverse platform that incentivizes creators and offers transparency in transactions and settlements."

Yet, it appears the gaming community has already decided that the project is unwanted.

"So many devs going down the wrong path. Why are they ignoring fan feedback?" Questioned one Twitter user to the news.

"God please deliver us from NFTs," another responded.

"im sure it'll fall off faster than pubg did lol," said one gaming critic.

GG Gaming

Traditional gamers have been reluctant to embrace web3 and NFTs. Last month, Final Fantasy developer Square Enix came under fire after releasing a trailer for its upcoming NFT game "Symbiogenesis."

Likes on the trailer for Symbiogensis have been "disabled by the owner," whilst the comments are far from encouraging.

"I feel bad for all the genuinely good artists (trailers looks and sounds good) that had to work on this," read one top comment.

"Projects like these are why your company is having bad quarter after bad quarter. What the hell is wrong with senior management at Square Enix that made them think this was a good idea? smh," another said.

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That said, Sony's news has attracted more positivity. When Sony filed for a gaming-related NFT patent, the tech giant received praise from the market.

In a poll by Twitter user NFT POWER RANKINGS, 55.3% said they were "aggressively bullish" about Sony's NFT patent, whilst another 21.9% opted for 21.9% "bullish" and 13.1% went for "mid bullish." Only 9.8% said they were "not bullish."

Elsewhere, prominent Web3 gamer and Twitch streamer Brycent expressed his excitement for the patent. "Sony is at the forefront of gaming, if they are exploring NFTs it's because they understand the power of how it will unlock gaming and value for gamers. I am excited for this news! Loving the energy in web3 gaming!" He said on Twitter.

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Looking ahead, web3 gaming still has an uphill battle ahead of it. Developers need to be delicate in dishing out web3 functions to gamers, but backlash is clearly not enough to deter gaming companies from their pursuit.

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