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Sony's Gaming NFT Patent Surprisingly Receives Positive Reception

Sony is earning praise for its cross-platform NFT patent, despite the gaming industry's prior backlash

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Sony has filed for a gaming related NFT patent, which has received praise from the market, despite ongoing industry backlash.

Last week, Sony filed a patent with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) titled “NFT framework for transferring and using digital assets between game platforms.”

Snippet of Sony’s NFT framework patent filing. Source:

The framework will see NFTs integrated into gameplay in the form of skins, artwork, weapons and other in-game functionalities.

"Responsive to the determination, the NFT is provided to the first end-user entity so that the digital asset may be used, via the NFT, across plural different computer simulations and/or across plural different computer simulation platforms," the patent's abstract explains.

Whilst the technology is curated primarily for Sony's PlayStation 5 users, its cross-platform framework will be compatible with rivals including Microsoft's Xbox.

“The standardized format may be readable to insert the digital asset in different computer simulations that may include different video games of different titles,” Sony’s filing stated.

“Additionally, or alternatively, […] readable via different video game platforms such as, for example, PlayStation and Xbox.”

Gaming NFTs levelling up?

Traditional gaming and NFTs have merged as well as water and oil. Most recently, Final Fantasy developer Square Enix came under fire after releasing a trailer for its upcoming NFT game "Symbiogenesis."

Likes on the trailer for Symbiogensis have been "disabled by the owner," whilst the comments are far from encouraging.

"I feel bad for all the genuinely good artists (trailers looks and sounds good) that had to work on this," read one top comment.

"Projects like these are why your company is having bad quarter after bad quarter. What the hell is wrong with senior management at Square Enix that made them think this was a good idea? smh," another said.

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However, Sony's news has attracted more positivity. In a poll by Twitter user NFT POWER RANKINGS, 55.3% said they were "aggressively bullish" about Sony's NFT patent, whilst another 21.9% opted for 21.9% "bullish" and 13.1% went for "mid bullish." Only 9.8% said they were "not bullish."

Elsewhere, prominent Web3 gamer and Twich streamer Brycent expressed his excitement for the patent. "Sony is at the forefront of gaming, if they are exploring NFTs it's because they understand the power of how it will unlock gaming and value for gamers. I am excited for this news! Loving the energy in web3 gaming!" He said on Twitter.

"That’s MAD !! In fact, when blockchain’s utility will be hidden in every major platform leading video games for centuries now, we’ll be able to create a mass adoption movement," replied another tweeter.

"It was inevitable. Their end users won't need to have any idea that their purchased skins/assets are NFT's & that's how mass adoption works," one Twitter commenter stated.

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