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Blockhead's Guide to the Top Token2049 Side Events

Get ready for Token2049, the biggest Pre-F1 rager happening on the little red dot. Follow our guide on the best side events and you're bound to have a great time here.

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Put on your shades and get your smooth talk going as we step into TOKEN2049, the biggest pre-F1 rager happening on the little red dot. We're talking a whole week worth of big money flexes, deep blockchain conversations and oh so many networking parties.

But of course you want to pace your bullets wisely so that by the time you get to the final gun fight you'll be still be shooting straight instead of shooting blanks. Or if you're a whale, briit'sg out those machine guns and get ready to light up every evening and remind all of us why its always sunny in Singapore.

TOKEN2049 Week: Official Side Events Sheet - Google Drive

So here's the situation boys, at last count, there's a total of 311 side events listed on the Official Side Events Sheet and between the 11th to the 15th, there are going to be 37 events happening per day, and 188 of them are free events, meaning 60% of the events going to pull 90% of the crowd.

So where do you go to have a good time? Where do you go to maximize your limited time? Here's our picks of the lot.

Monday (11 September)

We're going to want to start off easy, get to know the lay of the land and find out the who's who, and show them what a star you are. Maybe find a mötley crew to watch each other's back, cause we know it's going to be the start of a messy week.

Here's what you want to do:

10:00 AM - Start your morning by looking for the other early birds. These guys work hard early, and you already know they're going to play hard towards the end. Find them at the Build For Miracle - Metastone Group at the PARKROYAL COLLECTION, Marina Bay

1:00 PM - Stay hungry, stay curious, and head to the DeSoc Unleashed x Web3 Social House hosted by Tako Protocol. They've got heaps of support from VCs and and communities so you already know you're going to find top people for the rest of your crew evening.

6:00PM - Catch the evening sunset at the marina and some perspectives in Web3 with the DTC group's Connecting the Dots - Bridging Web3 Perspectives cause you're going to need it over the week. Or if you're a degen and you already have the alpha, head to zkSync's +SynFuture's DeFi Social at Ricciotti @Riverwalk to meet the real zk-kings.

8:30 PM - Last one for the evening and this is for the grown-ups at the Blockchain Founders Fund x Aquanow's Network and Chill. This is going to be an evening chill one and remember to be a gentleman; tell them you're going to head back early, save your energy and save those connections for the rest of the week.


Tuesday (12 September)

It's day 2 and all that hard work and connections you found on Monday are going to be your crew. Ring them up, tell them that you found a great event and you're going to have a good time together at Blockhouse.

10:00 AM - Head straight to Etta Penthouse at 66 Kampong Bugis to meet SG Builders @ Blockhouse. This is going to be a big one; this is where you'll find the sleekest of builders and best of allies in this city and the best company. Park yourself with the Blockhead crew, you might learn a thing or two. Get people to come to you and everyone's going to be inviting you to their next big side event.

5:30 PM - Time to go on the prowl and cash in those networking chips as the evening takes life. First up, who doesn't love a bar take-over as we have BitMEX's Token2049 eve party and SCB10X's Trust Me I'm a BLOCKAHOLIC. But if evening drinks is too early for you and you're still on the clock, head to our friend's Hansa Web3 Growth Event for the next-best knowledge-per-minute experience.

9:00 PM - You're now the cool cat of the week and this is where you're going to shoot your shots, as tonight we have not one, but two parties going on at ABGA x Deepcoin's Grand Party at CeLaVi Singapore and Sky9 Web3 Kick-Off Party by ZetaChain x CyberConnect x EthStorage at the Mandala Club.


Wednesday (13 September)

It's conference day, baby! TOKEN2049 is the time you do some big business with the fat cats. At the same time it's the fundraising market for the VCs that saw you and your crew from last night but didn't get the chance to talk to you. And since the who's who of crypto is here, be a gentleman because everyone here is all top draw.

9:00 AM - Time for those breakfast meetings with the VC you met last night. Head to Dhoby Ghaut for AlphaLab Capital's VC Brekky and let them know you're ready to be running with the wolves. Once that's done, head over to the Coinbase House at Mott 32, repeat, then head to the conference.

11:00 AM - 6:00 PM - TOKEN2049 (Get your tickets here, with a 10% discount exclusively for Blockhead readers)

If you ain't got a ticket and want to take a break from the crowd, here's some other activities that will take you around the city.

6:00PM - Put those feet up at a Sunset Mixer with Global Web3 Builders hosted by the famous APAC DAO, or head to Tako Protocol's Social Afterglow at the 1880 members club. Meet some lads and gals, tell them what you think about the whole event, and they'll tell you how much they want to hang out with you.

7:30 PM - Get some grub in you with your new friends at the PAYSAFE TOKEN2049 PARTY, move to the backbone of crypto communications at the TON Investor Day networking canapes, and finish the night off at High Hash Unlimited's private mansion for a crypto pool party.


Thursday (14 September)

It's the last day of the conference, and you can bet there will be people scrambling to wrap up deals today, so don't take it the wrong way if people you've met don't want to talk to you. But stay on till the end of the day, and you'll realise why keeping your bullets in was the best decision you made this week.

9:00 AM - Pack those shades cause it's going to be a bright day, start it off with the Morning Breakfast with Chorus One x BitGo x Maple Finance. Get some more breakfast at the DeFi, dApp, DAOs Breakfast of Champions at Dhoby Ghaut.

11:00 AM - 6:00 PM - TOKEN2049 Day 2

Time to close out those deals you've been making in the last couple of days. If you don't have tickets here are some events to keep your eye on to take you around the city.

7:00PM - It's closing night, so that means all events today are all top draw! Get some grub with your new VC partners at the Night of 5A dinner headlined by Animoca. Get the the vibes in with the W3AI @ Lamborghini Club AfterParty at Club Di Lusso, or say hi to your friends at Marquee Club where you'll also bump into CEX and whale traders at Rewrite the System: An OKX Web3 Party.

Friday (15 September)

It's the end of the week and time to say good night to Singapore. Close off all those loose ends and if you're still around and take a chill one today.

9:00 AM - Its all about demo days in the morning today so get your project fix and find your builders at the ABCDE ZK Hacker Camp - Demo Day and Sui Builder House Singapore. Find the marketers at the GM Singapore: Unlock Growth Power with Web3 Marketing Leaders. Take a tour at your friendly neighbourhood cloud computing infrastructure partners at Google Cloud Web3 Connect.

9:30 AM - If you can't get enough of conference vibes, head to the inaugural Stablecoin Summit at Raffles Hotel Singapore to hear from influential thought leaders such as Cynthia Wu (co-founder & COO, Matrixport), Lennix Lai (Global Chief Commercial Officer, OKX), and Hassan Ahmed (Country Director of Singapore, Coinbase) to debate the practical implementation of digital currencies for institutions, cross-border merchants, small business owners, and how this impacts the lives of the everyday consumer. Be part of the conversation with leading stablecoin providers and protocols, such as Circle, CELO, Mento Labs, Unitas, and Goldfinch. (This is a ticketed event, but the code blockhead15 gives you 15% off).

7:00PM - End the festival and get some closure with your new friends at AFTER 2049 - The Official TOKEN2049 Closing Party.

Ain’t Just Another Bash: The Skyline Shakedown with AFTER 2049
Think of it as the crescendo to the fiercest Formula 1 pre-weekend rager of 2023. Mark those shiny digital calendars for 15 September.

Say good night and goodbye to Token2049, and remember the great new memories you made with your crypto friends. Be polite, be a gent and as always have a fun time. See you again next year for the next pre-F1 weekend rager.


Blockhead is an official media partner of TOKEN2049 Singapore. Get your tickets here, with a 10% discount exclusively for Blockhead readers.