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Token2049 "Liquidated" in Dubai Flood, Conference Offers No Guidance

Dubai Airport advised travellers to avoid the airport but Token2049 left conference-goers "liquidated"

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Token2049 Dubai has been submerged by rampant floods caused by the largest amount of rainfall in the country for over 75 years.

Held between 18-19 April 2024, Token2049 attracted crypto fans from around the world to the UAE in the days ahead of the conference.

Video footage from the conference, located at Madinat Jumeirah Conference & Events Centre, shows the event hall floors flooded with ankle-deep water as attendees walk between the booths.

Other footage shows vehicles, including exotic cars being stranded on nearby roads which were heavily flooded.

"Cars were floating away faster than they could be abandoned, and buildings were crumbling. Taxis obviously were out of the question, and the city’s public transportation infrastructure had collapsed under the strain," writes a Decrypt reporter, Sander Lutz, of the experience.

Lutz recalls how he was unable to retrieve his baggage and unable to reach his hotel.

Token2049 offered little support or guidance for its attendees other than informing them of their own struggles and polls asking how conferencegoers were getting around, even when Dubai Airport advised travellers to stay away from the airport.

"The build goes on at #TOKEN2049Dubai. Our team is working around the clock to finalise our most immersive event setup yet," Token2049 tweeted.

Of course, Token2049 is limited in its power, especially against the mighty strength of nature, but those looking for help and information were also left stranded.

The event is still scheduled to proceed with the hopes that the worst of the rain is over.

Many are still stranded around the surrounding region including Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Some gave up and returned to their home countries, including Nansen CEO, Alex Svanevik, who said, “I cut my losses and went back to Singapore. “I’ll do my keynote virtually.”

Nonetheless, crypto fans who made it to Dubai endured the storm and powered on to attend the event.

There's always Token2049 Singapore to look forward to!