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"Most Violent Night" in Gaza But Bitcoin Surpasses $30K, Solana Hits $30

As violence in the Middle East ensures, Bitcoin and Solana reach their respective price targets, not seen for over three months.

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As the world mourns the countless lives lost in the Middle East, the markets are showing their own kind of despair. Last week, concerns that the conflict between Israel and Hamas may escalate and draw in the United States led to wild stock market fluctuations.

17 days in and the war is intensifying. 400 were killed in last night's attack, with journalists describing it as the "most violent night yet."

However, oil prices saw a dip on Monday as diplomatic steps were made in the conflict - at least on paper.

"Israel agreed to hold off its attack on Hamas following pressure from the U.S.," ANZ Research said. "This eased concerns that the Israel-Hamas war would spread across the Middle East and disrupt supplies."

Wild Swings Just Starting as World Events Offset Earnings News
During earnings season, investors might shift their emphasis from the economy as a whole to individual companies. However, this quarter is not shaping up to be the norm. Also, more flight to safety amid global turmoil: bitcoin surges, deals rebound crashes, spot gold continues climb,

Things are even more promising on the crypto front. Bitcoin finally reached its elusive $30K target and Solana reached its goal of $30.

Bitcoin's Boom

Bitcoin's performance is typically a signal of the wider cryptocurrency market's strength. Historically (albeit crypto's history is rather brief) cryptocurrency was marketed as a hedge against TradFi's woes with Bitcoin serving as "digital gold."

But as we discussed earlier this month, the fable proved a fallacy as events such as the Ukraine-Russia conflict sent Bitcoin cratering along with the stock market. Thus, uncertainty surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict would assumedly lead to uncertainty in the stock market, and consequently the crypto market.

War is Bad for Business But is it Worse for Bitcoin?
Hamas’s assault on Israel has greater concerns than its impact on crypto but as it’s our duty, here’s our outlook. Also, Etherum dominates transactions fees.. but Tron is second, Taiwan’s crypto countdown, and Yuga Labs slams on the brakes.

To much of our surprise, Bitcoin has not only held its ground since the start of the conflict but has hit its $30K price target for the first time since July 2023.

Much of Bitcoin's strength can be attributed to the drama ensuing between the industry and the SEC. On Thursday, the regulator dropped its charges against Ripple's top executives, Chris Larsen and Brad Garlinghouse for allegedly violating federal securities laws concerning XRP crypto transactions.

The move marks a significant victory for Ripple, a leading player in the crypto space and the wider industry.

Ripple’s Triumph Over the SEC: A Turning Point for Crypto Regulation?
In a surprising turn of events, the SEC voluntarily dismissed the case, ensuring that the same charges cannot be refiled in the future.

Additionally, Bitcoin ETF's seem to be imminent. Despite Cointelegraph's blunder of misreporting that BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF application had been approved, the industry still remains confident that the SEC will cave.

“I’m quite hopeful that these [ETF] applications will be granted, if only because they should be granted under the law,” Coinbase’s chief legal officer, Paul Grewal said on Friday.

JP Morgan echoed a similar message, stating, “Bitcoin ETFs will arrive in a few months.”

The dance between regulators and crypto enterprises is proving to be a pivotal waltz.

Solana's Surge

Hate to say we told you so, but Blockhead felt this one coming. Earlier this month, we extensively explained why Solana had the potential to hit $30, despite sitting at $23 at the time.

Encouraging figures such as yearly TVL highs, lucrative partnerships including Visa, poor competition and a strong Q3, were all highlighted as key drivers for Solana to hit $30.

Solana Could Hit $30 as it Continues to Thrive, Here’s Why
Here are all the reasons why SOL can hit that elusive $30 target

Known as the "Ethereum Killer," Solana has finally reached its $30 target. Aside from the points highlighted above, its strong fundamentals, intricate infrastructure, developer support, scalability and ever-growing ecosystem have solidified Solana as a key industry leader.

Strength in the wider crypto market also bolstered Solana's trajectory over the past few weeks, sharing much of the good news Bitcoin received recently too.

Even more encouragingly, crypto natives believe a target of $32 could send Solana significantly higher. "Once it breaks $32, the floodgates get unleashed," wrote pseudonymous analyst Bluntz on X.

$32 would see the ETH killer at highs not seen since July but if Bitcoin managed to hit its July high, Solana could too.


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