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What to Make of MakerDAO's Migration

While MakerDAO has been a stalwart of the Ethereum network, increasing congestion and high gas fees is prompting it to look for alternatives. A potential move to Solana could signify a significant shift in the DeFi landscape, given MakerDAO's prominence in the space.

September 4, 2023

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The end is nigh. Or at least, "Endgame" is nigh. Blockchain protocol MakerDAO is in the final stage of its multi-year overhaul. "Endgame" will see MakerDao launch a native blockchain called NewChain, potentially based on Solana.

Should MakerDAO shift away from Ethereum to Solana, the move could spark controversy in the space due to the blockchain rivalry.

On Friday, MakerDAO co-founder Rune Christensen hinted the protocol is leaning towards Solana.

"After some research, I believe the Solana codebase should be considered as the basis for NewChain," Christensen tweeted. He explained that whilst EVM is "still the most important" when it comes to building for users, Solana is a "better fit" for Maker’s specialized backend needs.

In a blog post, Christensen further added that Solana's codebase has a proven track record of successful forks and its "technical quality."

Predictably, Ethereum fans have already expressed their disapproval. "fyi your userbase primarily has more allegiance to ethereum than to Maker/Dai," one disgruntled Ethereum backer tweeted. "should probably give that more weight than you currently are."

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has consequently offloaded his remaining stake in MakerDAO tokens. According to blockchain data, Buterin sold 500 MKR tokens on CoW Protocol for 353 ETH.

Although Buterin has remained quiet about the sale, its timing would suggest the move was tied to Christensen's remarks. Buterin acquired 1071 MKR tokens for $905 each in April 2018 and last touched them in April 2021, when he donated 100 tokens to India's Covid relief fund.

As the largest decentralized finance lender, MakerDAO's blockchain shift is a significant move for the industry. By no means does it signal weakness in Ethereum or necessarily strengthen Solana's already-formidable reputation, but it does suggest that efficiency supersedes loyalty in the space. Ethereum fans might be frustrated with MakerDAO's decision but the Web3 world should appreciate the interdependence of blockchains, rather than subjecting to a couple of dominant players.


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