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Blockcast 32: Curve Wars - Reentrancy Strikes Back; Is Extraterrestrial Life Using Blockchain Tech?

This week we discuss the drama happening with Curve Finance, Coinbase's Base protocol and degen activity there, as well as the alien-AI-crypto link.

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We're back with a new episode of Blockcast, our weekly podcast brought to you in conjunction with The Financial Coconut, where we discuss the biggest stories in crypto this week:

03:05 - Curve Finance - Over $100M of crypto was at put at risk over the weekend due to a “re-entrancy” bug in Vyper, a programming language used to power parts of the Curve system.

18:41 - Coinbase's layer-2 Base isn't officially out yet, but attracted some $68 million in ether (ETH), and over $200 million in trading volumes this past weekend, with many seeking memecoin riches.

30:41 - In an era where we are grappling with the emergence of DAOs and the proliferation of digital assets on Earth, it appears we are not alone in the cosmos grappling with these concepts. An intriguing thought has entered the zeitgeist: Could it be that our alien counterparts are also utilizing blockchain technology? Could DAOs be the de facto standard for resource allocation in advanced civilizations spread across galaxies?

Catch the episode here:

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