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Blockcast 31 | Navigating Market Movements: Insights from GoingOnChain & BRN’s Valentin Fournier

This week, we hear from Blockhead's BRN analyst, Valentin Fournier, who shares insights on the impact of FED cuts

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In this episode of Blockcast, we welcome regular guest Going OnChain/Huat Kueh and BRN analyst Valentin Fournier to discuss the latest market movements, including the impact of Jerome Powell's comments on inflation and rate cuts and the bullish outlook for Ethereum ETFs despite launch delays.

We compare Ethereum ETF pre-launch expectations with Bitcoin ETF experiences and consider whether Ethereum can outperform Bitcoin. The conversation also covers Solana’s rise and the growing dominance of its ecosystem in the blockchain space, and the potential for a spot SOL ETF, alongside the latest trends in memecoins.


*Episode was recorded on Thursday 4 July 2024

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Before you dive deep into the crypto chaos, here's a little heads-up from your pals at Blockhead. While we love unraveling the blockchain tapestry and sharing our findings, remember, our chats are just that—chats. They're not financial blueprints or crystal balls. So, whether you're a crypto veteran or just dipping your toes, always do your own research and consult with a pro before making any financial moves. After all, in the world of crypto, it's always best to take things with a pinch of satoshi... or salt. Dive in responsibly! 🚀🧂