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Blockcast 32 | Understanding Regional Expansion With’s GM for APAC & MEA, Karl Mohan’s GM for APAC & MEA, Karl Mohan, tells Blockhead about about his move from Melbourne to Singapore, and details the regional challenges the firm faces in regulation

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Quickly becoming a household name for crypto supporters, as well as an equally recognisable brand for sports fans, has already established a global footprint. But what are the challenges facing a global crypto exchange?

In this week's Blockcast, we sit down with's GM for APAC & MEA and Global Head of Banking Partnerships, Karl Mohan to learn more about regulatory differences, branding, and cultural reception of crypto across borders. Having moved recently from Melbourne to Singapore, Mohan is new to the Little Red Dot but is more than familiar with tackling challenges across state lines.

Additionally, Mohan reflects on his transition from his decade-long career in TradFi to the disruptive field of crypto, and how the exchange is retaining a dominant lead in the space.

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