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What are MEV Bots and How Are They Earning So Much Money?

MEV bots recorded US$24.5 million in profits last year... but how?

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MEV bots are known for their controversy and negative impact on the blockchain as it undermines the fairness and security of the network. With the resurgence of Ethereum's transaction activity over the last course of the year, MEV bots have also recorded over US$24.5 million in profits from a total of $36 billion in transactional activity.

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But how exactly are these MEV bots making so much money from the blockchain? And what are MEV bots in the first place?

In this explainer, Blockhead learns more about MEV and how these bots are front-running so many users of their transactions on the blockchain.

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Blast Mainnet Launches, Boosting Ethereum L2

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