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Malaysia Minute: Calls for IEO Clarity Amid a Calm Week

Celebrus Advisory takes aim at the Malaysian Securities Commission

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Quiet minute for Malaysia this week as the market watches meme season cool off following Bitcoin's plunge back to the US$26,500 region. However, as punters eagerly awaited PitchIn's launch for its platform, Celebrus Advisory took aim at the Malaysian Securities Commission for its lack of clarity on token listings and the technicalities of IEO tokens, in the name of investor protection.

Market movements

Digital Asset Tokens took the main stage this week as Malaysia look at Initial Exchange Offering operators KapitalDX & PitchIn. As the market awaited the launch of PitchIn's exchange to compare platforms, Edmund Yong from blockchain consultancy Celebrus Advisory brought to light the potential problems and lack of clarity for investor protection in the infrastructure. Find the post here as Yong voices out his concerns on the lack of clarity from the Securities Commission regarding what is needed for better regulation.


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  3. Women In Blockchain Asia are presenting a panel featuring legal experts within the South East Asia region and globally who will share their insights and opinions on the recent case law developments, the introduction of MiCA, & the SEC's regulation by enforcement in the global circuit. Find out more about law and development on 17th May here.
  4. Co-Working space CommonGround is hosting a session on how blockchain is revolutionising alternative investing together with MDEC, Alta & the Securities Commission Malaysia. Find out more about the event happening on the 18th May, here.
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