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Talking Heads: The Future of Ethereum After the Shapella Upgrade ft. RockX's Zhuling Chen

Blockhead sits down with RockX CEO Zhuling Chen to discuss what the future of Ethereum looks like post-Shapella

Table of Contents

The Shapella upgrade is a success, but what this truly means for Ethereum, its stakers, and the entire crypto market is still uncertain.

Blockhead had the opportunity to sit down with Zhuling Chen, CEO of RockX; one of Asia's leading blockchain fintech companies to discuss what the future of Ethereum looks like post-Shapella.

Whether it's innovation, institutional adoption, Ethereum as a security, or SEC's claims on their jurisdiction over the cryptocurrency— find out what the co-founder of RockX has to say.


  • 00:00 Post-Shapella staking value
  • 00:58 Shapella for institutions
  • 01:56 Validators and innovation
  • 02:38 New financial products
  • 03:17 Why Ethereum is not a security
  • 04:01 Why SEC's view on Ethereum is questionable