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Talking Heads: Crypto’s Maturity & Singapore’s Regulatory Landscape ft. Independent Reserve CEO Adrian Przelozny

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Established in Australia in 2013, Independent Reserve is Singapore’s first licensed cryptocurrency exchange, having been granted approval by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to operate as a regulated provider for digital payment token (DPT) services in October 2021.

We sat down with Adrian Przelozny, CEO and co-founder of Independent Reserve, to discuss the maturity of the crypto ecosystem, how more traditional finance institutions are getting involved, and Singapore’s evolving regulatory approach to cryptocurrencies.

Key talking points:

  • There’s now a much higher correlation between crypto assets and traditional investments
  • Institutional adoption is increasing
  • The industry is moving at a faster-than-expected pace
  • MAS regulations aimed at protecting retail investors might be “counterintuitive”