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Blockcast 27 | Crypto and Web3 in Southeast Asia with Steven Suhadi

Indonesia Crypto Network (ICN) and Coinfest Asia's Steven Suhadi discusses the power of crypto events

Table of Contents

This week, we take a closer look at the crypto media space and the exciting opportunities for Web3 adoption in Southeast Asia. Our guest, Steven Suhadi, co-founder of Indonesia Crypto Network (ICN) and Coinfest Asia, and board member of the Indonesian Blockchain Association shares his insights on building a successful Web3 media business, navigating the current market trends, and the potential of Web3 projects in the region. We also delve into ICN's publications and the upcoming Coinfest edition.

Topics Covered:

  • The state of crypto media and strategies for growth in Web3
  • Web3 adoption trends and opportunities in Southeast Asia
  • Indonesia Crypto Network (ICN) publications and their impact
  • Growing Coinfest Asia to becoming a key crypto event, and its upcoming edition

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