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The Narrative Power Struggle: AI, Memes, DeSoc Rise in Crypto

AI, memes and DeSoc are the hottest narratives in crypto right now, while metaverse, BRC20, GameFi and LSD narratives are fading.

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In the crypto and web3 sphere, narratives hold immense power. They shape investor sentiment, drive project adoption, and ultimately, influence market trends.

According to Kaito, a crypto data analytics firm, the first half of 2024 has been a tale of two halves when it comes to narratives in the web3 space. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues its dominance, new narratives like Decentralized Social (DeSoc) networks are rising, and some established narratives, like those surrounding gaming and the metaverse, are fading.

Source: sandraaleow/Twitter

AI Narrative Maintains Grip

The explosive growth of AI, both within and outside the crypto space, has fueled a strong narrative for AI-related projects. OpenAI's advancements with ChatGPT, discussions surrounding Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and the influence of tech giants like Nvidia all contribute to a bullish outlook for AI in crypto.

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The first half of 2024 has seen Artificial Intelligence (AI) maintain its dominance as a top narrative. This isn't surprising, considering the explosive growth of the entire AI landscape, both within and outside the crypto bubble. OpenAI's advancements with ChatGPT, discussions surrounding Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and the influence of tech giants like Nvidia all contribute to a bullish outlook for AI-related projects.

Memes have also taken center stage. Often dismissed as frivolous internet jokes, have surprisingly emerged as a powerful narrative in 2024. Their virality and ability to tap into current cultural trends create a unique force that can't be ignored. Whether this meme dominance can be sustained throughout the year remains to be seen, but their current influence is undeniable.

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As for Decentralized Social (DeSoc), networks like Farcaster, Friendtech, and DeSo are making waves and capturing significant mindshare. These projects offer a vision of a future where users control their online identities and data, sparking a strong narrative around user empowerment and ownership.

Shifting Tides: Narratives on the Decline

While some narratives rise, others inevitably fall. Here's a look at some that have lost steam in 2024:

  • Metaverse: The initial hype surrounding the metaverse has cooled, with investors demanding more concrete applications to reignite their interest.
  • BRC20: After the Bitcoin halving and waning interest in Ordinals/Runes, narratives surrounding BRC20 tokens have experienced a significant decline.
  • GameFi: Despite high expectations, the absence of major game launches has dampened the GameFi narrative. The industry waits for a breakout game to revitalize the sector.
  • Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD): The initial promise of LSDs seems to have been overshadowed by concerns about unsustainable tokenomics and endless ponzi ecosystem structures.

It's fascinating to see that the top narratives, AI and memes, aren't necessarily "pure" blockchain plays. However, the potential for decentralized technology to fuel these sectors is undeniable. This highlights a crucial takeaway: narratives that demonstrate tangible real-world implications hold immense power in the crypto space.