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Blockcast EP 25 | Is it Game Over For Web3 Gaming in 2024? TriliTech (Tezos Ecosystem) Global Head of Gaming Says No

Tezos Global Head of Gaming, Jeremy Foo, believes Web3 has great potential but can he convince the Blockhead boys to abandon their Articunos for Axies?

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From Diablo to FIFA to Final Fantasy to Pokemon, here at Blockhead, we're big fans of gaming. But despite our love for gaming and our ardent passion for Web3, blockchain gaming has yet to convince us to abandon our Articunos for Axies.

Join us as Jeremy Foo, who serves as TriliTech (Tezos Ecosystem) Global Head of Gaming, tells us how blockchain gaming is restoring its reputation from deafening backlash, and why we should delve into the vibrant Web3 worlds of Meta Pals, Battle Tabs, Stars Symphony, and Dogami.

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Before you dive deep into the crypto chaos, here's a little heads-up from your pals at Blockhead. While we love unravelling the blockchain tapestry and sharing our findings, remember, our chats are just that—chats. They're not financial blueprints or crystal balls. So, whether you're a crypto veteran or just dipping your toes, always do your own research and consult with a pro before making any financial moves. After all, in the world of crypto, it's always best to take things with a pinch of satoshi... or salt. Dive in responsibly! 🚀🧂