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Blockcast EP 24 | How to (Not) Get a Job in Crypto - Randstad Associate Director, Rumi Mohd, Reveals Web3 Recruitment Secrets

Randstad Associate Director, Rumi Mohd, reveals what you should and should not to secure a job in Web3

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Here at Blockhead, we love working in Web3. But what are the challenges in securing a job in crypto? With markets wildly fluctuating from bull to bear overnight, is job security in Web3 one of the most unstable among all industries?

With over 8 years in Web3 recruitment, Randstad Associate Director, Rumi Mohd, has seen it all. From ruthless mass layoffs to ambitious mass hirings, Mohd helped countless candidates rotate within the industry over the years.

Join us as Mohd reveals what it takes for candidates to survive in the Web3 workforce, as well as offering guidance for newcomers to the market. Mohd is a passionate leader in talent recruitment and employer consultancy services at Randstad Singapore, specialising in the sales, marketing, and communications industries.

He partners with companies across exciting sectors like Web3, Fintech, and Crypto – from pre-seed start-ups to listed Unicorns – to identify top talent with the perfect blend of technical expertise, personality fit and culture match. Rumi’s dedication to his work extends beyond talent acquisition; as he is consistently recognised as a top performer within Randstad Singapore, demonstrating exceptional loyalty and growth since 2017.

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Before you dive deep into the crypto chaos, here's a little heads-up from your pals at Blockhead. While we love unraveling the blockchain tapestry and sharing our findings, remember, our chats are just that—chats. They're not financial blueprints or crystal balls. So, whether you're a crypto veteran or just dipping your toes, always do your own research and consult with a pro before making any financial moves. After all, in the world of crypto, it's always best to take things with a pinch of satoshi... or salt. Dive in responsibly! 🚀🧂