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Blockcast EP 23 | In Bangkok: Meow (Jupiter), TokenUnlocks, Sumsub, and Cryfi

Blockhead is in Bangkok for Blockcast Money 20/20 Asia and Southeast Asia Blockchain Week . In this edition of Blockcast, we hear from Jupiter's Meow, TokenUnlocks' Tanawat Chiewhawan,'s Yura Mizin, and Sumsub's Pavel Goldman Kalaydin

Table of Contents

Greetings from the heart of Southeast Asia! This week, we're coming to you live from Bangkok, Thailand, where the buzz of Money 20/20 Asia and Southeast Asia Blockchain Week filled the air with discussions about the future of finance.

In this episode, we delve into the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the powerful tools that empower investors and institutions to navigate this dynamic landscape. Joining us on the show are industry leaders who are shaping the future of DeFi. We'll hear from:

  • Meow, Founder of Jupiter: Dive into the world of Solana-focused DEX aggregation and how it's shaping the future of decentralized exchanges.
  • Tanawat Chiewhawan, CEO and Founder of TokenUnlocks: Gain insights into how token lockup information is revolutionizing DeFi investment strategies.
  • Yura Mizin, Founder of Discover innovative solutions for navigating the complexities of DeFi.
  • Pavel Goldman Kalaydin, Head of AI and Machine Learning at Sumsub: Explore how cutting-edge AI is transforming KYC/AML compliance within the blockchain sphere.

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Before you dive deep into the crypto chaos, here's a little heads-up from your pals at Blockhead. While we love unraveling the blockchain tapestry and sharing our findings, remember, our chats are just that—chats. They're not financial blueprints or crystal balls. So, whether you're a crypto veteran or just dipping your toes, always do your own research and consult with a pro before making any financial moves. After all, in the world of crypto, it's always best to take things with a pinch of satoshi... or salt. Dive in responsibly! 🚀🧂