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Blockcast EP 22 | Mt Gox’s Mark Karpeles on The Hack That Shaped The Crypto Industry

Mt Gox first launched in the summer of 2010 but suspended operations in February 2014 after 750,000 Bitcoins went missing

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Credited with being one of the world's first bitcoin exchanges – accounting for up to 80% of trading volume during its peak – Mt Gox first launched in the summer of 2010 but suspended operations in February 2014 amid heightened speculation about potential untoward activity.

The fall of the Japanese exchange in 2014 was prompted by 750,000 Bitcoins – at the time worth around $500 million, and now in the billions – that went missing, putting crypto’s future in doubt. Its former CEO Mark Karpeles remains a controversial figure.

Mt. Gox Email Confirming BTC Addresses Sparks Hope of Repayment
Mt. Gox victims/custodians/creditors received an email confirming their Bitcoin addresses to make repayment

Mark Karpeles rose to prominence as the CEO of Mt. Gox, once the world's largest Bitcoin exchange. Founded in 2010 by American programmer Jed McCaleb, Mt. Gox quickly became the go-to platform for buying, selling, and trading Bitcoin, handling a significant majority of all Bitcoin transactions at its peak.

However, Mt. Gox's meteoric rise was accompanied by mounting controversies and technical challenges. From security breaches to regulatory scrutiny, the exchange faced numerous setbacks that ultimately culminated in its catastrophic collapse in 2014. Hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins belonging to users vanished, sparking outrage and legal battles that continue to this day.

Mark Karpeles found himself thrust into the spotlight as the face of Mt. Gox's downfall, grappling with accusations of mismanagement, negligence, and even embezzlement. Despite maintaining his innocence, Karpeles faced a grueling legal battle and endured intense public scrutiny in the aftermath of the exchange's demise.

In this candid and unfiltered interview, Karpeles opens up about his experiences navigating the tumultuous landscape of early cryptocurrency adoption, and the state of the cryptocurrency industry a decade later.

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