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Blockcast EP 20 | The Rise of Blockchain-Specific Cloud Solutions ft. Dan Burke, CEO, Nirvana Labs

Dan Burke, CEO, Nirvana Labs, takes us on a journey through the clouds - blockchain-centric clouds, that is.

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The world of blockchain is booming, but traditional cloud providers just don't cut it for these specialized workloads. In this episode of Blockcast, we're joined by Dan Burke, CEO of Nirvana Labs, a cloud computing platform built specifically for blockchain applications.

We explore the growing need for blockchain-centric cloud solutions, the unique challenges they present, and how Nirvana is paving the way for a secure, scalable future for blockchain projects. We'll also be diving into the broader conversation surrounding cloud computing and crypto. We also discuss the impact of regulation, the tension between decentralization and centralized services, and what the future holds for this exciting intersection of technologies.

Dan Burke is the CEO of Nirvana Labs, the bare metal cloud computing platform optimised for web3 workloads. Prior to Nirvana, Dan was managing Director and Head of APAC for BitGo from 2017 to 2022 and Head of APAC for Qredo from 2022 to 2024. Prior to crypto, Dan traded a wide range of asset classes from FX to Commodities, including a stint at the global commodities juggernaut Trafigura.

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