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You’ll Be Having a Very Merry Xmas if You Listened to Blockhead on These Cryptos

Wishing you a Merry Xmas and many happy returns on these cryptos: $SOL, $TIA, $AVAX, $BTC and a cheeky stock: $COIN

We're not one to toot our own horn here at Blockhead but as Christmas festivities are in order and we're embracing the joy of giving, it seems fitting to unwrap the gifts Blockhead Claus offered you this year in the form of crypto coverage.

Of course, we didn't, and never will, explicitly offer investment advice. Partly because we simply don't have the expertise to do so, but more because we're terrified of being indicted. Nonetheless, Blockhead proudly offered some nuggets of truth over the year, highlighting the strength of certain digital assets, which have since blossomed fully.

The key takeaway? Subscribe to Blockhead. Here's why:

Solana (SOL): +300% Since Publication

Slightly over two months ago, we delved into SOL's upside potential and why it could break the $30 mark. It's now past the $90 mark. Granted, we didn't expect it to double past the $30 mark but we still valued Solana's potential.

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Hong Kong Cracks Down on Worldcoin's Data Collection Practices

Hong Kong Cracks Down on Worldcoin's Data Collection Practices

Authorities found that Worldcoin failed to adequately inform users about the collection of their personal data and did not obtain their informed consent. Worldcoin also retained user data for extended periods beyond what was necessary and did not provide a Chinese translation of its privacy policy.