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Su Zhu Questioned in Singapore, Gets Released For 'Good Behavior'

Su Zhu was jailed for four months in late September but is being released early

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First Do Kwon, followed by Sam Bankman-Fried, then Changpeng Zhao, and now Su Zhu. Crypto villains are facing the music... Kind of.

The 3AC founder was arrested in October, whilst attempting to flee at Singapore's Changi Airport. Liquidator Teneo confirmed Zhu's arrest but stated that the crypto villain was facing a committal order after failing to comply with a Singapore court order.

Zhu was sentenced to four months by the committal order in late September. In However, Zhu is now set to be released this month based on standard provisions for good behavior.

Su Zhu Jailed, But Not for Crypto Crimes
Su Zhu joins SBF and Do Kwon behind bars but vindication is pending. Also, Michael Lewis comes under fire ahead of his book on Sam Bankman-Fried, and Do Kwon admits to cooking the books.

His release came as Zhu faced two days of questioning from Teneo lawyers in a High Court hearing in Singapore. Zhu was pressed for details about how 3AC failed and the where abouts of its assets.

In September, MAS imposed nine-year probition orders on Kyle Davies and Zhu, prohibiting them from operating in Singapore's regulated financial services industry.

MAS Lays Down the Law: Three Arrows, No Bullseye
3AC’S dynamic duo Zhu Su and Kyle Livingston Davies just got a “stay in your lane” memo from Singapore’s financial regulator.

$3.3 billion is estimated to have been lost by 3AC but Zhu and Davies have not faced any criminal charges in Singapore. Instead, Zhu is facing early release of his very short 4-month stint behind bars.

Meanwhile, Zhu's house has been transformed into an urban farm called Yarwood Homestead, managed by Abundant Cities - a company co-founded by his wife, Dr Evelyn Tao.

Located on Yarwood Avenue in the post Bukit Timah neighborhood, the couple bought the Good Class Bungalow (GCB) for S$48.8 million (US$35.53 million) in March 2022. Abundant Cities researches "nature-based solutions for citizen farmers" according to its website and offers monthly farm tours for $120 per ticket, which includes lunch.