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Crypto City Connext Launches CCC Academy; Blockchain Takes Flight at Aviation Summit

In this update, we’ll delve into Ripple's advocacy for an innovation-focused regulatory framework, the launch of Crypto City Connext's blockchain academy for startups, and exciting developments in the aviation industry and metaverse space.

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Welcome to another edition of Bangkok Block, your weekly lens on Thailand’s vibrant Web3 scene.

Let's dive into all the happenings to kick off August in Thailand's dynamic blockchain industry.

Crypto City Connext Launches Blockchain Academy for Startups

Crypto City Connext has introduced the CCC Academy, Thailand's premier blockchain technology education and startup initiative. Backed by the governmental, private sector, and global blockchain support, the academy offers an eight-week curriculum on blockchain technology, NFTs, Metaverse, DeFi, and beyond. This launch reinforces Chiangmai Crypto City's commitment to promoting blockchain growth and enhancing societal quality of life.

Source: Crypto City Connect

The CCC Academy serves as a beacon for budding Web3 enthusiasts and startups, providing a knowledge base and nurturing alliances with incubator programs and venture capitalists. By fostering a learning and collaborative environment, CCC amplifies Thailand's blockchain adoption potential, gearing up for the anticipated bull run.

With its comprehensive research framework, Chiangmai Crypto City cultivates growth for blockchain startups and traditional businesses alike. Harnessing blockchain technology to elevate societal standards, the city aims to become Thailand's equivalent of the Blockchain Silicon Valley. This vision further cements its commitment to blockchain advancement within Thailand.

Aviation Summit Highlights Blockchain Benefits to Airline Industry

The potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize the Thai airline industry was featured in the 6th Civil Aviation South East Asia Summit 2023 (CASEA) This year's summit shed light on blockchain's potential in the Thai aerospace and aviation sectors.

Todd Siena, CEO of Block Aero, highlighted how blockchain could enhance transparency, security, and efficiency in aviation. Alongside the Thailand 4.0 initiative, these insights form a roadmap for Thailand's digital transformation journey and foster more foreign direct investment in the sector.

With 180 leaders from top local and global airline companies in attendance, the event discussed the potential of blockchain adoption in the aerospace industry of Thailand and the ASEAN region at large. Another topic was using blockchain and aviation to attract great foreign direct investment in Thailand.

The event also discussed the blockchain's potential benefits to the airline industry such as greater transparency, security, efficiency, and cost savings. It's all a part of the "Thailand 4.0" initiative to drive sustainable economic growth and digital transformation in all industries, aviation included.

Ripple Calls for Innovation-Centered Regulatory Framework

Blockchain leader Ripple is advocating for a regulatory framework that fosters innovation while ensuring consumer protection. At Ripple’s recent policy summit in Bangkok, Thailand's proactive approach toward crypto regulation was praised.

In 2019, the Thai SEC created a regulatory framework for crypto assets and last month ordered crypto service providers to implement increased consumer protection measures. Ripple believes these regulatory measures are key to unlocking the full potential of tokenization, both in Southeast Asia and globally.

Emphasizing the importance of forward-looking and flexible regulations, Ripple envisions a future where digital assets can flourish while maintaining a safe and secure environment for consumers.

Metaverse Leaders Shine at Speed Networking Event

The Metaverse Club recently organized a successful online speed networking session. This event served as a unique opportunity for metaverse leaders from around the world to connect, share experiences, and explore potential business opportunities.

Participants engaged in half an hour of one-on-one speed networking to get to know each other. Afterward, they participated in several rounds of group discussion and exchanged insights on pre-determined topics. The event concluded with a virtual networking lounge, where participants could join discussions on topics of interest.

As the metaverse continues to grow and evolve, such initiatives play a vital role in building a connected and thriving virtual realm for the global community.


Wednesday, August 9: Catch the exciting panel discussion and networking session of Web3 Connect at The Deck, Bangkok. Hosted by none other than the Thailand Chief Information Officers Association, this is your chance to share insights with industry leaders in the crypto space.

Friday, August 18: Experts from Google will be hosting an intro to cryptocurrencies in the Blockchain Basics: Cryptography workshop at Google’s office in Bangkok.

If you're around, please drop me a line! And reach out if you're in Thailand and have an interesting story or project you'd like to talk about.