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Bangkok Block: SCBX Seals Major Deal with Hashed, Local Meetups Explore Web3, AI Potential for Artistry, Tech, Finance

Web3, AI, and Metaverse-themed events take the spotlight in this issue, alongside news that one of Thailand's biggest financial institutions has officially partnered with one of Korea's biggest Web3 investors in a bid to expand decentralized technology in Asia and the rest of the world. 

Photo by Florian Wehde / Unsplash

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A week after KBank unveiled its $100 million fund for Web3 projects, rival financial giant SCBX announced its partnership with Korean Web3 investment company Hashed to expand decentralized technology adoption in Southeast Asia. SCBX isn't new to the Web3 world; it launched a $50 million blockchain fund last year via its venture subsidiary, SCB10X, which already has investments in 15 countries.

The joint research and development work will be led by Hashed’s research division, ShardLab. Hojin Kim, Hashed's Chief Strategy Officer, noted the huge opportunity for Web3 innovations in Southeast Asia's business landscape, especially for regular customers who still face limitations in banking and e-commerce services.

Web3 Roadshow Opens Up Web3 to Artists and Entrepreneurs

The recently concluded Web3 Roadshow in Bangkok explored trends and opportunities of Web3-based technology, particularly for artists, freelancers, and startup entrepreneurs. With industry leaders like Filecoin and NEAR CreativesDAO at the helm, the event delved into decentralized storage, permanent web hosting, customized wallets, and dynamic and utility NFTs. 

Thai web3 startups and innovations were given a chance to shine as well. The evening concluded with live DJ performances and stimulating discussions on Web3 solutions for creative and travel-based careers. As part of a broader Southeast Asian tour, the Roadshow aimed to educate attendees on benefits, risks, and opportunities of blockchain technology for artists and startups.

AI in Finance Tackles the Future of Trading

AI in Finance, an event by Crypto Meetup Thailand, shed light on how AI is revolutionizing the financial sector. Speakers from Bitkub AI, Wagyu Lab, and Blue Resources Co. discussed AI's role in high-frequency and algorithmic trading, as well as in customer service chatbots. Bitkub AI highlighted its ThaiGPT infrastructure in tandem with AI data scraping, image processing, and voice-to-text services. 

Also tackled was the role of AI in the Quant Revolution, or the increasing reliance on quantitative methods in financial decision-making, particularly in trading and investment strategies. All in all, the event emphasized the growing role artificial intelligence plays in analyzing financial markets and making trading decisions in the near future.

Metaverse, AR, VR, and NFTs Take Center Stage at DemoTech Day

Leading tech hub SynergyLabs and Internet Computer Protocol Hub joined forces with The Island Collective, Genu.N Tech, DEMO, and other Web3 communities to advance the next wave of digital innovation at Demo Tech Day Bangkok. Featuring renowned DJs and budding AR artists, the meetup was part of grassroots efforts to speed up the adoption of next-generation technologies like the Metaverse, AR, VR, holographic art, and NFTs.

SynergyLabs’ partnership with ICP took center stage during the event. ICP reiterated its goal to establish itself as an alternative to established cloud computing services like AWS, Oracle, and Azure. Unlike these cloud-based platforms, ICP operates as an autonomous blockchain with cost-effective storage and integrations, making it more scalable and secure than traditional cloud services. SynergyLabs leverages these features to serve as a multifaceted resource center supporting startups as they tackle the challenges of breaking into the evolving digital landscape.

Fintech Tech Talk 2023 Unpacks the Future of Digital Assets, Tokenization

Digital assets and tokenization took the limelight at the 2023 Fintech Tech Talk in Bangkok. Featuring key players in the industry such as XSpring Digital, Polkadot, and Fractal, the event covered a range of topics, from the history of successful local ICOs and the current regulatory landscape for digital tokens.

Speakers offered a comparative analysis between traditional financial exchanges and digital token exchanges. Experts argued that digital tokens offer greater flexibility, enabling companies to selectively focus on specific assets and projects. Moreover, digital token exchanges were noted to offer a wider array of services compared to their traditional counterparts. Full of insights and possibilities, the Fintech Tech Talk offered a glimpse into the massive potential of the token economy within Thailand's financial landscape.


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