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Even Singapore is Crypto-Friendly Compared to the US

Can Singapore provide refuge to American crypto firms? Cake Defi, Ripple, RockX and StraitsX seem to think so....

Image: Blockhead

It's no secret that the US has intensified their scrutiny of the crypto industry since the fall of FTX - just ask Coinbase. Having been the first major crypto firm to IPO on the US stock market, the San Francisco exchange has served as an integral pillar of America's crypto industry. But yet, regulatory pressure is forcing the red, white and blue crypto exchange to seek refuge in the Middle East, the UK and even Bermuda.

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Over in the Little Red Dot, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) hasn't wavered from its staunch stance against crypto. However, with US regulators hastily flexing their might and acting impulsively, could Singapore's regulatory framework appear more considered for crypto firms looking to set up camp in a safe environment?

To find out, Blockhead sought the opinions of crypto institutions weighing up this very question.

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