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Malaysia's Isekai Studios Reveals Esports Blockchain Game "Star Symphony"

Isekai Studio presented the latest progress on its Star Symphony game, bringing together industry leaders, influencers and gaming enthusiasts for on-site game demos, previews and a speaker panel.

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Isekai Studio, a Malaysia based gaming firm revealed its flagship game "Star Symphony" – a highly anticipated competitive rhythm game with integrated blockchain technology.

During its "New Frontier of Rhythm Games" press conference held at DADI cinema Pavilion KL, the studio presented its latest progress on their game that brought together industry leaders, influencers and gaming enthusiasts for on-site game demos, previews and a speaker panel.

Star Symphony is an innovative rhythm game that offers unique features such as powerful spell systems and strategic gameplay to give players a competitive edge. It is currently in the alpha gameplay stage of its game development cycle.

"We found that current blockchain games like Axie Infinity were too incentive focused, making it boring as players were forced to grind the game. By focusing on making the game fun first instead of focusing on high earning potential, we have a good chance of making a competitive e-sports game in the long run." said Stephanie Wong, COO and co-founder of Star Symphony.

With its collaborative “discovery platform” for innovation and community building, Star Symphony intends to shake up the landscape as a collaborative-blockchain-integrated-competitive rhythm game rather than the traditional P2E GameFi models.

According to Shas Fung, CEO and co-founder of Star Symphony, the decentralised model enables the studio to solely focus on developing its competitive gameplay mechanics while allowing its users & community to build on the game's IP.  

"Music creators can earn from our game as we are a discovery platform. Creators can upload their music and we will add their music as IP into our game. Revenue will then be shared with creators where we take a 5% fee and give music creators 95%" said Fung.

CEO of Star Symphony, Shas Fung

Prior to the event, Star Symphony had successfully sold out its presale NFTs, which was reportedly oversubscribed by 56% across 264 wallets. showcasing its strength in engagement and a market validation within its community.

Fung concluded his presentation with an alpha announcement that Star Symphony will collaborate together with OpenSea, for their Web3 NFT minting to be the featured mint on OpenSea's website on 9th May 2023.

With its unique game artwork and e-sports potential, the game promises to include a story mode, a 5V5 PVP mode and a 24V24 clan wars within its pipeline. Star Symphony has secured multiple partnerships, most notably, premier esports global organisation Team Secret, Evian water and an in-the-works partnership with the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

Jasni Zain, Head of Strategy & Industry Engagement for Digital Content at MDEC.

"Our role as a government agency is to to spur our digital economy to greater heights and this project (Star Symphony) is super exciting for us. MDEC are deeply interested in the content creation, digital animation & the gaming development sector as it creates new jobs within the industry. We want to help relevant Malaysian companies by growing their commercialisation strategies and tech exports" said Jasni Zain, head of strategy and industry engagement for digital content at MDEC.

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