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ImmutableX's Says New Passport Will Bring More Web3 Gamers, Developers to Platform

ImmutableX has launched Immutable Passport to facilitate game studios to onboard web3 gamers and developers, with enhanced security features.

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ImmutableX has announced a new passport to help game studios onboard web3 gamers and developers.

Named "Immutable Passport", the wallet and authentication tool will use paswordless sign-ons and automated wallet creation, offering a non-custodial solution. Users' private keys will not be stored by the passport.

Game studios can use the passport ot drive mainstream adoption, enhance security and access player analytics such as customer behavior and players' needs. Meanwhile, players will have access to a secure digital wallet and authentication across web3 games and marketplaces.

Gamers will also be able to create their own unique identities which can be used for all web3 applications accessed via the passport. Only the holder of the corresponding private key will have access, allowing gamers to be in control of their assets whilst being protected.

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According to ImmutableX's press release, ease of onboarding, security, and plug & play features are top priorities for web3 development studios. "Achieving these goals requires a mainstream gamer-friendly wallet to possess a simple sign-in process, leveraging social logins from popular services like Google and Apple," ImmutableX stated.

"Until now, security and friction have been tradeoffs," Immutable President and Co-Founder Robbie Ferguson said. "Just like a Gamertag or a Steam account, Immutable Passport offers unified identity, transaction, and authentication functionalities that simply haven't existed in the web3 gaming space until now."

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In December 2022, crypto entrepreneur and thought leader David Shin joined Immutable as its head of business development for APA), in addition to serving as interim head for the EMEA.

Over the past seven days, ImmutableX's token IMX is up over 15%, briefly touching its ATH of $0.79. Over the month, IMX has increased over 93%. With IMX's new developements, there seems to be no slowdown in its growth for now.