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SG Whale Spends ~$1M on DeGods NFTs But Tinder Matches Remain Unimpressed

"It's proof of ownership like how I'll own you" - Singaporean NFT collector Pokeee has spent almost $1 million on DeGods to (unsuccessfully) impress his Tinder matches

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A local NFT collector and Bored Ape holder has splashed out big time on DeGods, and he's using his purchase to seduce his Tinder matches.

Garnering more trading volume than any other Solana project, the NFT series is now moving over to Ethereum.

The move had been praised by the NFT community, with its floor price jumping more than 30% in the week following the Ethereum announcement on 26 December 2022.

Image credit: Moonly

Its potential quickly caught the attention of a Singapore-based NFT collector who goes by the name of Pokeee. On 13 January, the whale tweeted that if he received 1,000 likes on Twiter, he would buy 69 NFTs "in support" of DeGod's Ethereum move.

The tweet received over 3,000 likes by the time Pokeee bought the 69 NFTs for about US$900,000 on the Magic Eden marketplace.

Pokeee has built an impressive NFT collection, with his wallet boasting 3 Bored Apes.

DeGods has scored over US$135 million worth of trading volume, becoming the top project on Solana with 3.7 million SOL of trading to date. Launched in 2021, DeGods earned its fame in 2022 after developer DeLabs AKA Rohun Vora debuted a reward token, updated its artwork, and purchased Killer 3s - a professional basketball team in Ice Cube's Big3 League. Vora also launched y00ts, which triggered a 170% surge in Solana NFT sales.

Still no luck

In a written interview with the pseudonymous trader, Pokeee said he bought into the project because it "has the greatest community and culture in the entire NFT space," adding that he was "looking at a long term hold and trade in and out of the asset during [his] free time."

Pokeee also revealed that he shamelessly used his purchase in an attempt to impress his Tinder matches, and shared screenshots of his conversations with them.

"I've just spent a million dollars on NFTs," Pokeee said to one of his matches, who simply replied with a question mark.

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"Erm non fungible tokens," Pokeee responds, "It's a proof of ownership. Like how I'll own you. Do you have a roadmap? Utility? It's ok PFP is fine too no worries please reply. Devs do something."

"Simple talk," his confused match replies.

In another chat, Pokeee tells his match he can send "proof of god" before telling the match "you are not worthy. Un-matched" after it was revealed the match was unaware of the NFT project.