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From OnlyFans to NFTs: MsPuiyi Takes Web3 By Storm

Former OnlyFans creator MsPuiyi will be launching her NFT collection on 5th February.

Source: MsPuiYi/TikTok

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Former Malaysian OnlyFans creator MsPuiyi has announced an upcoming NFT project in collaboration with metaverse developer MinistryXR, joining a slew of content creators who have recently made the jump into Web3 via NFTs.

According to a press release shared with Blockhead, the NFT collection "Overcome" is inspired by the 12 Chinese zodiacs and is scheduled to be released on 5 February in conjunction with the Lunar New Year.

It also claims to be a "testament to the challenges MsPuiyi has overcome in her own life," and is a sign of Siew's "renewal of mind as she inspires positive change with with strengths of the Zodiac to bring luck just in time for the Year of the Rabbit."

“This has been such an incredible experience for me. I’ve discovered how Web 3.0 is so much like a rebellious move forward. Being a rebel myself, this NFT project has opened more possibilities for me to create more refreshing content, exclusively for my fans," said MsPuiyi, whose full name is Siew Pui Yi.

While the Overcome collection will have a limited number of 2,888 NFTs, it's unclear what kind of utility they will offer buyers. Under a section titled "Membership will have its privileges," it was merely stated that Ministry XR is "changing the game as we know it in the arena of NFTs, with a long-term roadmap of activities and experiences."

According to Joseph Anthony, chief engagement officer at Ministry XR, NFTs allow fans and communities to "get more involved."

“Owners of the NFTs also get membership perks, like physical meets, backstage passes and VIP booths at parties,” he explained, without specifying if holders of Overcome NFTs will have access to similar privileges.  

Overcome's Discord, which was started two weeks ago, now has 718 members.

Just another way to simp?

In December, Siew announced that she would be quitting OnlyFans, a platform for content creators to share exclusive and usually NFSW content. According to Siew's Instagram, which has over 20 million followers, she is now working as a DJ.

The press release claims that Siew's fans can expect to see a "distinctly different side of Ms Puiyi - a refined, mature yet playful take on what it means to be a social celebrity forging her own path on her own terms." It also added that the collection will "push the boundaries of artistic photography and motion merged with creative digital art."

However, it appears that Siew's NFTs are still slightly NFSW, which means that it might just be another avenue for her to raise more funds from her fanbase.  

In a video interview last year, Siew admitted that quitting OnlyFans would mean losing a "large source of financial support." Earlier this month, Siew said that she "really wants to connect with her fans," with NFTs offering her the opportunity to connect with her fans both physically and virtually.

In recent times, a number content creators have taken the leap to and from Web3. Last year, Singaporean influencer Irene Zhao started a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) for her followers, while fellow influencer Tammy Tay bucked the trend to became an OnlyFans creator after launching her NFTs.

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