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Singapore-based RockX Partners With OKX Chain to Boost Cross-Chain Interoperability

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RockX, one of Asia’s largest staking solutions and institutional-grade blockchain access node providers, has today announced an integration with OKX Chain (OKC), an EVM-compatible layer one blockchain, to provide cross-chain node services for users to access the OKC ecosystem.

According to a press release, RockX’s and OKC’s integrated infrastructure will include an “open-source, all-in-one multi-chain” Web3 interface, which will enable users and developers to gain full access to all OKC-based protocols and launch their own dApps with low gas fees.

OKC is the native blockchain of the global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, OKX (formerly OKEx), and is an EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain powered by Cosmos. Wallets that OKC currently supports include OKX Wallet, MetaMask, Phantom, WalletConnect and TokenPocket among others.

“We are delighted to partner with such an established and trusted brand as OKX Chain, who is completely aligned with our wider mission to grow the Web3 ecosystem. Our initiative will bring in new developers and partners that can meaningfully contribute and expand the development possibilities for a wider, more interoperable cross-chain ecosystem,” said Chen Zhuling, CEO of RockX.

Earlier this year, RockX announced a service partnership with Interchain.FM, a proof-of-stake validator and podcast program for the Cosmos blockchain, as well as an accelerator program to support Cronos, the first blockchain network that interoperates between both Ethereum and Cosmos.

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Founded in 2019, RockX is a platform providing non-custodial staking and API access nodes to institutions and high net worth individuals, enabling them to earn yields from their crypto. In April 2022, RockX raised US$6 million in a funding round led by the Temasek-backed Amber Group, with Matrixport and Draper Dragon participating, pushing the company’s valuation to US$30 million. The platform currently has approximately US$400 million in assets under management.