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Internet Rejoices as South Korea Issues Arrest Warrant for Do Kwon

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LUNA founder Do Kwon has been issued an arrest warrant by a South Korean court, according to a report by Bloomberg.

A text message from the prosecutor’s office shows a court in Seoul issued the warrant for Do Kwon and five others.

Do Kwon has been the archnemesis of the crypto world since the collapse of the Terra ecosystem.

The 31-year-old had remained at large until he resurfaced in a brief video interview last month, which Blockhead regarded as a shameless PR publicitiy stunt.

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In the interview, Do Kwon was not pushed on the outcome of the fallout nor the future of stablecoins, but more about what he ate for lunch during the fallout.

News of Do Kwon’s warrant was meet with applause from the digital crypto community.

“Best day ever,” wrote one Twitter user in response to warrant. Another stated, “hopefully he serves a long sentence. Karma always comes around.”

Others simply replied “bullish.”

Online crypto personality FatMan also weighed in, stating “Do Kwon, the man who brought so much horror and suffering to thousands of people across the world for his own enrichment, is now officially a wanted fugitive. A great day for justice. And there are still a few more shoes left to drop. May the best man win.”