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From 18–21 July, Salad Ventures will co-organise GameFi Asia with MetaJam Asia to connect GameFi builders, enthusiasts, guilds, investors and key opinion leaders across the world in one phy-gital space.

The event will be a hybrid experience spanning 4 days, featuring insightful seminars and an engaging experience centre to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

Integrating the GameFi universe and making it accessible to gaming enthusiasts worldwide is part of Salad Venture’s mission to accelerate the transition of the masses into the web3 work economy. As GameFi continues to grow in popularity and user base across the globe, most notably in Southeast Asia, the event encourages enthusiasts to be a part of this phenomenon.

The first rendition of this event will be held in Singapore, with future plans to hold it across Southeast Asia. Bringing the top minds and game changers in the space together, developers and venture builders can find capital providers and collaborators for their projects. Investors and guilds can also connect with upcoming builders and secure lucrative opportunities.

Speakers at the virtual conference include Gabby Dizon, Co-Founder and CEO, Yield Guild Games ; Howard Xu, CEO, Ancient8; Alex Svanevik, CEO, Nansen; Jarindr Thitadilaka, Founder, GuildFi; Vladmir Velmeshev, Partner, Kosmos Ventures; Wei Shi Khai, COO, LongHash Ventures; Felix Sim, Co-Founder and Project Lead, Salad Ventures; and more.

They will cover topics including fundraising, launching a GameFi project, game development, metaverses, how to start and grow a profitable guild, building GameFi infrastructure, and more.

At the physical experience centre, interactive audio-visual booths and installations will have attendees getting up close and personal with top GameFi projects and games. As projects navigate through the unpredictable bearish environment, their focus shifts to building and refining their projects.

Witness the movement of data in the Web3.0 universe, with Project Galaxy’s showcase of how data and infrastructure intertwines to conceptualise creative products and communities. One of which is STEPN who, put a twist to the play-to-earn concept that took the world by storm by introducing move-to-earn. Fans of play-to-earn games, especially Axie Infinity, can look forward to indulging in Monsterra, a multi-chain game inspired by Axie Infinity’s own pet world. Owning adorable pet NFTs does not stop there, with Nekoverse joining the A-list of gaming projects, giving players full autonomy over the game’s narrative and development. We will also go under the sea with Crabada and check out what farming in Web3.0 looks like at HappyLand.

The event highlight is an exclusive, invite-only networking party for venture capitals, founders and builders in the crypto and GameFi space. The party offers projects opportunities to connect with investors and venture capitalists can look for potential projects to invest in.

“Choppy market conditions breed hidden opportunities. We are confident that GameFi as an industry is one that remains untapped. We co-organised GameFi Asia to provide an exciting introduction and peek into the world of play-to-earn and the impact it can have on the industry at large. GameFi Asia offers attendees critical insights from some of the top names in our space on navigating this tumultuous period,” Felix Sim, Co-Founder and Project Lead at Salad Ventures, said:

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