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“Make Sure You Are Brought to Justice”: Anonymous Goes After Do Kwon

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Decentralized activist group Anonymous has lined up its next target: LUNA founder Do Kwon.

In a video posted on YouTube this morning, Anonymous slammed Do Kwon for “single-handedly scamming billions of dollars away from retail investors.”

“Do Kwon made a name for himself with his arrogant tactics trolling critics and acting like he would never fail,” Anonymous said.

Last month, Terra UST depegged from the US dollar, causing its sister token LUNA to crater from around US$80 to US$0.00001 in the span of a week.

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Anonymous also highlighted how Do Kwon said he found it “95% [of projects] going to die, there’s also entertainment in watching companies die too” as well as cashing out US$80 million per month before LUNA collapsed.

The online vigilante group stated that whilst some businesses fail, “there is significant evidence that Do Kwon had bad intentions from the start.”

In another clip in the Anonymous video, Do Kwon is heard saying “it’s a cycle of life, you begin from nothing and you go back to nothing, and that’s exactly where I want to be.”

Anonymous went on to explain that Do Kwon was worked for a failed stablecoin called “Basis Cash” but escaped accountability by working under the pseudonym “Rick Sanchez” from Rick and Morty.

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Finally, the internet vigilantes warned “Anonymous is looking into Do Kwon’s entire history since he entered the crypto space.”

“There is no doubt that there are many more cirmes to be discovered in your trail of destruction. Do Kwon if you are listening, sadly there is nothing that can be done to reverse the damage that you ahve done. At this point the only thing that we can do is hold you accountable and make sure that you are brought to justice as soonas possible. We are Anonymous. We are legion. Expect us.”

Anonymous is infamous for their threats against seemingly bad actors. Most recently, the group waged a cyber war against Russia following the Russia-Ukraine conflict. According to Jeremiah Fowler, a co-founder of cybersecurity company Security Discovery, the group’s claims were far from empty threats.

“Anonymous has proven to be a very capable group that has penetrated some high value targets, records and databases in the Russian Federation,” he wrote in a report. 92 of the 100 Russian databases analyzed, were reportedly comprised according to Fowler.