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Goblintown Founders Doxx Themselves to Announce Future Plans

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The founders of popular NFT project Goblintown have finally revealed themselves. Truth Labs, the team behind Illuminati NFT and The 187, announced that they “planted the seed” of the project, along with some future plans for the piss-taking NFTs.

In a video with a slightly meditative soundtrack reminiscent of the opening tune in the movie “Seven Years in Tibet” (but with the occasional trademark goblin moans and grunts), the team introduced themselves and expressed their gratitude at the Goblintown community for their faith in the project.

“We know that Goblintown has acted as a form of group therapy and a source of inspiration and comedic relief for many of you. You have done the same for us”, they wrote.

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The team reaffirmed the fact that the project has no roadmap and and it will “never have one”, stating that the community are “building this world with us as we go”. They also said reminded everyone that the project has no utility, and that they are “not even sure what utility means anymore”.

The team then explained that the 1000 goblins that were set aside on the of the mint are reserved for Illuminati NFT and The187 communities, the IlluminatiDAO, “some folks who helped them along the way”, and the Truth Labs Team.

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Plans for the upcoming NFT.NYC event were also announced. The first being that the “McGoblinburger Burger Truck” will be travelling around during the event week, and might be parked outside some of the NFT-themed parties.

Goblintown NFT holders will also be invited to the Illuminati NFT Summer Solstice Immersive event on June 21 at 8pm on a capacity-limited basis, with the Goblintown NFTs essentially being used as tickets. A Goblintown afterparty will also be held immediately after the Illuminati NFT event, and the location of this party will be tweeted at 11:55pm.

Merch will also be available for sale after the NFT.NYC event, including a “Goblin sauce” which will be produced in partnership with Asian sauce company Lee Kum Kee.


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