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Over 50% of Japanese Investment Managers Intend to Invest in Crypto

A new report from Nomura shows that more than half of investment managers in Japan are keen to diversify their portfolios with crypto

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Crypto appetite among investment managers in Japan is intensifying according to a new report by Nomura.

Titled "Survey on Digital Asset Investment Trends for Institutional Investors 2024," Nomura's survey details how the Japanese market is approaching the crypto market.

Although only 25% of respondents held a "positive" impression of crypto, only 23% held a "negative view", with the remainder holding a "neutral" stance. Nomura believes that acquiring the correct knowledge of crypto assets could result in a more positive impression.

62% regarded crypto as a diversification opportunity alongside cash, stocks, and other traditional assets. 88% of those with a "high" knowledge level took the same view, which indicates that a depth of knowledge "could influence how respondents see crypto assets."

52% of the 500 investment managers in Japan surveyed said they are interested in investing in crypto over the next three years to stabilize their portfolios and hedge against inflation.

In terms of allocation, 2-5% is the most preferred exposure, with 80% intending to invest over one year. Those already invested in crypto are relying on key drivers such as crypto-related products such as ETFs, staking, lending, investment trusts, and other financial instruments.

54% are interested in staking, 51% value mining, and 60% are keen on lending.

Last month, a report from SBI Digital Assets Holdings revealed that almost 60% of Asian institutional investors had gained crypto exposure last year; 40% of those are looking to grow their exposure.

An additional 25% intend to significantly increase their investment volume in the sector. 60% of respondents also saw an increase in exposure to digital assets over the past year.

Nearly 60% of Asian Institutional Investors Have Crypto Exposure, 40% Want More
A report by SBI Digital Assets Holdings shows that the majority of Asian institutional investors had exposure to crypto last year