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Blockcast 29 | SuperAI Special ft. Opsec, Bitdeer, Sahara AI, 0G

Blockcast comes to you from the floor of SuperAI, Asia's largest artificial intelligence (AI) event in 2024.

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Last week, Blockhead had the opportunity to attend SuperAI, a two-day event held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore to learn more about key topics for the AI industry such as large language models, generative AI, robotics, decentralized AI, and more.

AI: Machines of Loving Grace, or Our Robot Overlords?
AI experts at SuperAI discussed the mind-bending possibilities of AI, from acting as a powerful economic engine to creating its own form of money. They ultimately remained optimistic about AI’s potential to coexist with humanity and even enhance our lives.

While there, we met several industry folks such as Matthew Luu of OpSec Security, Retainna Lin from Bitdeer Group, Sean (Xiang) Ren from Sahara AI, and Michael Heinrich from 0G Labs to discuss how crypto and AI can intersect, and potentially transform industries worldwide.

We chatted with:

  • Matthew Luu from Opsec on decentralized cloud solutions
  • Retainna Lin from Bitdeer on the evolution of crypto mining to AI
  • Sean Ren, CEO and co-founder of Sahara AI, on the viability of the Web3-AI bridge
  • Michael Heinrich, 0G Labs founder, on the potential and limitations of Web3 for AI

Listen to the SuperAI special episode now on Spotify.

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