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SuperAI Kicks Off Next Week in Singapore - Familiar Web3 Names to Make Appearances

SuperAI will be held on 5-6 June at Marina Bay Sands with familiar Web3 names including Kaito AI,,, and former Chief Technology Officer of Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan

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SuperAI is kicking off on 5-6 June at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, marking Asia's largest artificial intelligence (AI) event in 2024.

Attracting 5,000 attendees from over 1,000 companies, the event will play host to industry leaders including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, OpenAI, and more, boasting 150 speakers and a 70% international attendance.

SuperAI will cover key topics for the AI industry including large language models, generative AI, robotics, decentralized AI, regulation, ethics, and AI's role in fintech, education, healthcare, and cybersecurity.

"SuperAI will highlight a range of frontier AI advancements, and our startup competition, Genesis, will showcase next-generation AI projects emerging from stealth," Alex Fiskum, co-founder of SuperAI, said. "As the event approaches, the anticipation grows for what promises to be the largest AI gathering in Asia this year.”

Crypto and AI aren't exactly synonymous but both are often framed as disruptive technologies that potentially can transform industries around the world.

Consequently, crypto enthusiasts will be quick to recognise a few names represented at SuperAI.

Former chief technology officer of Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, will make an appearance as a key speaker at the event. "Freedom to speak is social media. Freedom to transact is cryptocurrency. And freedom to compute is decentralised AI. I look forward to talking about those three freedoms at SuperAI,” Srinivasan said.

Other familiar Web3 names include Kaito AI,, and Kaito powers a ChatGPT-powered search engine. The platform aggregates information from sources such as Twitter, Discord, on-chain dashboards, governance forums and more, and makes it easily accessible through a one-click product, effectively democratizing information in the space.

Crypto Search is Coming via ChatGPT-Powered Kaito
Information in the crypto space is usually spread out across disparate sources that search engines do not pull from, but one company aims to change that. is a blockchain platform that provides tools to build innovative AI apps and services is a decentralized network that pools GPUs from data centers, cryptocurrency miners, and decentralized storage providers to deliver efficient GPU computing power for AI and machine learning teams.

Blockhead is a media partner of SuperAI. For more information and ticketing, click here.