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XVC Tech Invests in TradeTogether to Enhance Web3 Wealth Management

Singapore-based XVC Tech has invested in TradeTogether to attract more institutional adoption

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Investment fund XVC Tech has invested in Web3 digital asset management company TradeTogether.

Launched by the co-founders of XDC Network, Atul Khekade and Ritesh Kakkad, XVC Tech is a $125 million fund focused on technology solutions. Its portfolio includes i-gaming infrastructure protocol, DeGaming, and fractionalizing IP platform, Bolero.

XVC focuses primarily on real-world assets (RWAs), Web3 infrastructure, AI and DePIN. Singapore-based XinFin launched the XDC Network mainnet in 2019 with the goal of transforming real-world business processes.

XDC Network is an open-source, carbon-neutral, enterprise-grade, EVM-compatible, Layer 1 blockchain. Its ecosystem includes RWA dApps such as TradeFinex, XDC Trade Network, Comtech Gold, and Yieldteq.

TradeTogether brings two innovative investment options:
- Its Bitcoin Advantage Fund allows clients to invest in Bitcoin with protection against market downturns, creating an advantage over traditional ETFs.
- The second option offers high-net-worth individuals and financial institutions transparent solutions in tokenized bonds and Web3 products.

TradeTogether's co-investors include Orbit Startups, Tenity, Boleh Ventures, and Leo Ventures.

Ritesh Kakkad, co-founder of XVC Tech, said TradeTogether approached XVC with a "strong emphasis on compliance" and that the deal will "attract more institutional adoption, leading to increased utilization of the XDC Network's use cases."

TradeTogether CEO Geoff Ira, praised the XDC Network for being a "robust Enterprise-grade Layer 1 blockchain with a strong focus on RWAs."